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Healing Our Church is a six-week process for participants. The Parish Coordinating Team and Small- Group Facilitators will also engage in a preparation period. The sessions are:

Facing the Truth We express our feelings about the sexual-abuse scandal and its impact—first and foremost on the victim-survivors, but also on us and on all the faithful. We listen to the experiences of others, respecting their feelings and emotions. We face the truth so we can begin to move forward.
Healing Our Wounds Acts of sexual abuse and the coverups have deeply wounded the whole people of God. Healing is an ongoing process that takes place over time and in several stages. The treatment is truth, compassion, transparency, and prayer. Each of us must play a part in the process of healing and transformation of the Church.
Rebuilding Our Church We identify and explore the complex factors that have contributed to the sexual-abuse and coverups. We claim our role in rebuilding the church. We recall that in the history of the Church, whenever human sin and weakness have caused scandal, the Holy Spirit has inspired great women and men to respond and challenge the Church to personal and systemic changes.
Why do I Remain a Catholic? We read stories from people sharing why they remain Catholic and what they treasure about the Church. We express our own reasons for remaining Catholic. We stand with Peter, saying, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”
We Believe We refocus on our connection to Christ, whom we meet in the sacraments and the Scriptures in the community of the faithful. We explore together what we believe and why.
A Way Forward The Church is the people of God, called, and sent to be wounded healers. We explore the call to become missionary disciples and identify some necessary elements for transformation. The crisis is not an end but a turning point from which we together rebuild our Church.

Parish Coordinating Team Training

Provides interactive training to successfully launch Healing Our Church small groups in parishes.

Small-Group Facilitator Training

Offers review and practice of skills needed to facilitate small groups in prayer and faith sharing, and move them toward healing. Provides specialized tools for dealing with this sensitive subject matter.

Healing Our Church Large Group Gathering

RENEW International will provide the framework for a parish gathering of all small-group participants involved in Healing Our Church. This is an opportunity for those involved to pray together, provide feedback, share the graces they received, and discuss the next steps they wish to take to find a way forward.

Additional Resources

  • Ongoing pastoral consultation
  • Bulletin content
  • Sign-up posters
  • Sign-up cards
  • Custom communication pieces on request

Optional Services

  • A day of prayer and healing for priests
  • Facilitated parish conversations